Sunset Temptations


Welcome to my home!  This is a place where I create my own reality.

Custom Built by Barza Enterprises and one of a kind.  The lands boast of a beautiful landscape and secret caverns to be explored. There is an outside Bar built into the rocks for everyone to enjoy.  Rent my land for your parties or special events

The house is three levels and measures 30 x 70m in size. It has a complete stone wall surrounding the front of the house and brick patio, front and back.  Natural rock inclusions give this build an elegant style.  Great attention to detail.

The Grand entrance sports 2 sets of double doors made from heavy wood textures.  The house has glass all the way around for light and that feel its part of the forest as you look through.  Grand spiral stair case leading to the second floor is blended with two ante rooms on either side and then a spacious kitchen and formal dining on one side with a large living room on the other, complete with fireplace.

The second floor has a Game room, Massage area, Full bath, Sun Room, and large office.  Two balcony’s offer quiet retreats to sit outside and enjoy.  The house is a “Must See” and everyone is welcome to visit.

The top two rooms, Master bedroom and guest room occupy the total 3rd floor level. Detailed wood beams and roof enhance the interior and the A frame windows on each site, give a fantastic view of surround grounds. The top floors are private but upon request, can be shown to visitors.

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