SC Holdings

SC Holdings

S.C. Holdings is a growing cornucopia of business projects held by Benton Torkelsonn. Over the next few weeks each will be explained in better detail of his plan and vision. To give you a better scope, here is a list of his holdings to date.

Sound Check
Sassy Chassy
SC Mall
SC Dressing Rooms

And if that’s not enough, he also holds affiliate Business’s such as…


So lets talk about his amazing SC Dressing rooms! Est 2014, as a facility to provide “The Privacy You Deserve”, believe it or not, dressing rooms in SL have caught on. In growing numbers, SL avatars pop in to change, rez and adjust their avatars for free. With interactive signs over the doors to show “vacancy” or “in use” there this is an innovative design for the user in mind.

With the addition of the RISE Designs Main store on site and other designer’s satellite stores, it is morphing into a thriving business community. Keep your eyes open and keep informed

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