SC Holdings Street Fair!!

SC Holdings
SC Changing Rooms

When: June 16th
Time: 4:00 to 8:00 pm for music

Over the past couple weeks, SC Holdings has been striving to prepare for an awesome Street Festival! This lovely little Market place hosts some delicious stores for Fashion and fun. They also have a great stage area for a party! This is a perfect opportunity to come and explore. One of the unique things of SC Holdings is their FREE dressing rooms! They are open to everyone who needs to try something on or tweak a fit. Don’t have a place to rez out your things? You can do it here! The dressing rooms have VACANT/OCCUPIED system that alerts others to the rooms status. Just step in and change in confidence.

Now they have also acquired some Fantastic Stores too!!

Stars Fashion – Owned by EllaFaine
Smoke Fashion – Owned by Mickayla
Shae’s Design – Owned by Summary
Galleria Milano – Owned by Mike Lopez
The Imaginarium – Curiosities of fun and fantasy.
Ninatchka’s – Photographer, Model and Editor-in-Chief of PlayLIFE Magazine, a new lifestyle magazine in SL

Rise, Gaal, Rezology, and Vaxer to name of a few more. Hard work and excellent design in every area. The flea Market and Gacha area is laden with fun and interesting things. Benton Torkelsonn makes his stores and ad boards affordable with an ever growing populace.

To add to his dynamic goals and personality, he is also a supporter of the ART’S! The street fair will have a “peek” of some local artists and will be putting together an ART WALK in the near future. The Floating Lotus Art Gallery will be ever present during this event. Come look around, enjoy the music and fun. It’s free to enjoy.

SC Holdings
SC Changing Rooms

SC Dressing Room 2, privacy you deserve, Flayer (76, 19, 89) copy and paste in SL or hit me up for a LM to the event!!!



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