Lindens vs. Dollars

Beauty in Lands

Beauty in LandsI was out dancing with a friend one night when I started tipping the entertainers and venue. It was said that I tip a lot. Having owned land before, I know how expensive it can be. I hope this helps others get a better perspective.

After some time in SL we become acclimated to the Linden way. Aghast at memberships of 500L per year or lifetime seems a bit much for anyone to ask! But if you think about it carefully, it breaks down like this:

500L = 3.49 which is about .00698 cents per Linden
5000L = 21.49 (.004298)
10000L = 41.49 (.004149)

To help keep you better focused, the monthly tier on a full sim is around 300.00 to 320.00 DOLLARS a month. So paying a one time membership fee of 500L or even a 1000L to use someone Else’s place, furniture and land, is a very small price to pay. Venues count on your help through donations and memberships to keep running.

Someone once told me they felt all of SL should be FREE!. But who pays for the servers, the customer support, or all the other things that keep this place for our entertainment? Linden Labs and while I know they make a profit, why shouldn’t they? What about the venue owners? Trust me, very few make a profit and as I know many of you have seen, simply disappear one day. Your favorite places….gone.

So next time you dance somewhere or go to be alone with your loved one, explore a new continent, see a new concert…remember that someone else is paying for all of that and a donation from you or membership, would help them greatly. A very small price to pay for something that gives you hours of pleasure.

Just one girls point of view….


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