Wedding Albums

I recently attended a friends wedding. I know that wedding packages allow affordability depending on how much you want to spend. I get it..its planning and hard work. I wanted to find a way to give them both a bit more bang for their Linden buck so I took some extra photos to create a memorable experience for them to look back on as they continue on their journey. So I made them a Wedding Album.

A Bride’s Peace
I took some prior to the wedding as well as during and after. No easy feat when you are giving the bride away as well ~grins~. Weddings should be fun, loving and special to each couple. I have no plans start wedding planning. I have been asked to take on that project for a former client an have agreed but don’t think it will be something I do long term.

One of the things that bothered me with this event was that the happy couple got 5 pictures included in their package and before you say anything, I know its what they opted for. How does one choose only five? So I rolled up my sleeves and took 150 and gave them more in their album as a gift.

So many to choose from and I didn’t put them all in the album. Which led me to my next venture in SL. I will now offer my services to take extra pictures for your own personal album. I will take pictures for you. A lot of pictures and you can choose 20 edited photos to put in your album. You will get every picuture I take in a file to do as you wish with…all of them.

Album Cover

If this sounds good to you, please contact me (silkensydney) and lets talk. I will sit and work with you on the elements you desire for your Memorable moment in SL. Take a moment to click on the images to see the full sized version.

As Always….it’s your SL.


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