Wayward Retreat

Wayward – A place to give and receive the gift of submission.

BDSM, submissive, sub, Dom/Domme, Baby Girl fetish, club,life we have Romantic areas and cuddle points and welcome folks for photo shoots.  No Child Avatars and no Breaching Linden Labs Tos

That is the Land description and while those things exist, I have found much more there as well. Wayward is a social place and all are welcome.  They have an awesome dance venue with a variety of excellent DJs and music.  The beach is relaxing and so many places to explore and look around. 

The people are warm and friendly and while BDSM exists there, it’s in no way that preconceived notion that pops into your head upon hearing the word.  My advice is to go and visit, look around and get to know the crowd. You will find it a great place to hang out and enjoy, even if the lifestyle is not of your choosing.

They offer many accommodations for collaring ceremonies and more.  Talk to RSD Darkfold or Teach Hoh for more information.

Wayward DJ Booth

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