Evan Torvalar

For the love of music

The DJ, The Man, the Magic….

Second life allows people to do things they never get a chance to do.  Sometimes life keeps them too busy or other reasons personal unto themselves.  But in my time here, I have let the music and dance be my pleasure.

And while enjoying the venues, I also let their Master of Music serenade me; blues, jazz, rock, country or classical it has its own magic.  But more than that, I am sometimes lucky enough to get to know those DJ’s / Maestro’s.  One of them is Evan Torvalar.  In the beginning he was simply the Host of music for me but over time a friendship.  His wife Mikkado is just as amazing. 

I have yet to find the limit to his sense of humor, but his kindness is never ending.  If you wish to enjoy his music, you can check out his schedule below.  His music includes rock, pop, top 40s, country, Ballroom, jazz and romantic.  He does requests and loves to bring a party to life.

Sunday @ Franks Place (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Franks%20Place%202/237/132/24), 8:00PM SLT to 10:00pm SLT

Monday and Tuesday @ Simplicty (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adventureland/75/216/3203)

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