Back Alley Blues Night Club

BACK ALLEY BLUES is a night club on Second life and was once again brought to my attention. I had been invited to visit by a friend and Hostess there. I was tired of being the favorite meal for the “lag monster” and needed something liberating. Well, I found it!

BACK ALLEY BLUES turned out to be a great time. It has a more upbeat sound without being too modern and yet clearly of the genre it was meant to be. It’s BLUES!! You could almost smell the water on which the club was built near. Imagine that smokey scent of cigars as the guitars strummed and some of the greats played on.

The DJs and Hostess played some of the greats and yet kept it hopping too. Tonight I caught part of DJ Nikee’s set and it was great from the 15 minutes I heard. Then there was DJ Thomas Crown and his Hostess Mags. The crowd was actively chatting and having fun with each other.

The Owner’s, Falcon Campese and his business partner, made a place to truly represent all he wanted. If dreams come true, it’s right there in the club. It’s tangible and he is sharing with everyone who comes to visit. If you want to have fun, dance and enjoy music like it should be, then check out BACK ALLEY BLUES! Tell them Sydney sent you ~winks~

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