My Lessons Learned…

And let those around you inspire you…

In my SL experience, I have met many people along the way and truly never had enough room on my profile picks to list them all. Some have are friends, some have been lovers and others business contacts. As with all things, there are the good and bad but all play a part of shaping who we are in life, both RL and SL. Some will cherish you and nurture you and others will take advantage and cheat you. Let the bad fall to the way side and let them pass from you. Remember and value those who are worthy.

Learn to love…

Love is not asked for or expected. It’s not something traded on. It’s a blurted out emotion and expression. Doesn’t matter who says it first or if its reciprocated. It’s about how YOU feel toward or about someone else. Simply saying it doesn’t make it real or tangible. Say what you mean and mean what you say or say nothing at all.


Pisces: Angel / kind, pure, generous and protective servants always willing to help others. their beautiful wings along with their utterly stunning appearance bring peace to others and they’re always a sign of good things to come.

Dance! Move, lead or get out of the way…

Live life and dance!

If you’ve come to dance then do so and get out of the doorway! If you’ve come to stand around and look all hot and sexy…please move to the back of the room so you can be properly viewed in at a later date.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to dance, they may very well say yes and enhance your night. If they decline, don’t take it personally and don’t be afraid to ask someone else.

My Music…
Donna Lewis – I love you Always Forever
Natalie Imbruglia – Torn
Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply
Savage Garden – I Knew I loved You
Extreme – More than Words
No Doubt – Don’t Speak
When you say nothing at all
Send me an Angel